High Performance X-ray Inspection System

System Introduction


The exclusively patented technology of transmission X-ray from NanoRay can automatically conduct the inspection in the production line by image scanners and belt conveyors. These applications are found in food industry, pharmaceutical industry (pill and capsule), textile industry, printing industry, etc. Foreign objects may exist in the automatic production lines and can be found by NTX-series X-ray inspection system to ensure the product safety.



Key Features


  • Customized service is without the limitation of original production lines. Machines are mobile and easy to maintain.
  • Instant imaging systems and automatic recognition systems can fast inspection the defects in the products or packages.
  • The design of flip front lid allows us to adjust the height of machines.
  • Equipment is made of SUS 316 material, conforming to the regulations in food and pharmaceutical industry.
  • The radiation protection is calibrated by our patented technology, conforming to the regulations by Atomic Energy Council.


Features of Recognition Software


  • Graphic interface on touch screen
  • Supporting image reports
  • Interface of multiple languages
  • Parameter adjustment on the one-button menu
  • Administrator authority design


Test Image Result
  • Food Industry

Case 1 - cakes: to inspect if foreign objects are blended in cakes.

Case 2 - soybean milk in bags: to inspect if foreign objects are mixed in during the production.

Case 3 - milk bottles: to inspect if the package is broken or has any defect


  • Organic Health Food Industry

Case 1 - high protein powder in foil package: to inspect if any foreign object (such as spoon) or material is mixed in.

Case 2- powder in bags: to inspect if any metal foreign object or insect is mixed in the bags.


  • Pharmaceutical Industry

Case 1 - ointment products: to inspect if the instruction for use of drugs is packed in or the product is out of shape or the amount of ointment is sufficient.

Case 2 - aluminum pill box: to inspect if the number of pills is correct or there is unqualified pills package defect.

Case 3 - non-transparent medicine bottles: to inspect if foreign object is mixed in the non-transparent medicine bottles.


  • Garment Manufacturing Industry 

Case 1 - clothes for babies: to inspect if any burr exists on the buttons to avoid injury.


NTX 3080 Plus-High Performance X-ray Inspection System

Designed for products of wide volume, such as packed products of medium and large size.



NTX 1650-High Performance X-ray Inspection System

Designed for the inspection of product line in a limited space for the products with simple package, such as pills and bags of powder.